Freshen Your Drive
Client: Spotify
The Problem: People listen to the radio instead of Spotify in their cars, since the road isn’t the best place for mobile discovery. 
The Insight: Like listening to music, the sense of smell can evoke a strong emotional reaction. ​​​​​​​
The Idea: To enhance the driving experience, Spotify releases car air fresheners, inspired by its top artists and podcasts, that use Spotify Codes to unlock secret playlists.
How to #FreshenYourDrive
Step 1: Grab your scent at any Spotify-sponsored concert, festival or event.
Step 2: Before your drive, use Spotify Codes to unlock a secret playlist for your car freshener’s flavor.
Step 3: Enjoy your fresh playlist tailored to your taste on the road.
Step 4: When you're parked, share your car freshener with your friends on social media with #freshenyourdrive. Your post or story could get a Spotify shoutout.
AD: Landon Watnick, CW: Hatem El Akad
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