Client: Fandango​​​​​​​
The Problem: As people stream more movies at home, they’re getting used to having more control over how they watch. They can pause to go to the restroom or grab a snack — something theater-goers can’t do without missing important scenes. 
The Solution: To solve this problem — and challenge at-home streaming — Fandango presents Take7, a feature on its app that allows users to watch up to 7 minutes of a movie in real time on their phones outside of the screening room.
The Design: To embody the enjoyable movie-going experience, we went with a three-color scheme. We chose a deep red to symbolize movie-theater carpeting, popcorn-butter gold, and white to represent bathroom wall tiling.
Activating a Take7 Pass: Customers can access a Take7 pass along with their Fandango movie ticket. When the viewer has to leave the screening room, they can select whether they're using the restroom or concessions stand to activate their pass.
Never Miss a Moment: Once the pass is activated, the movie will play on the viewer's phone for 7 minutes. A Take7 watermark will always be present, and screenshots and screen recording are not permitted.
Take7 by Fandango will be promoted inside of theaters, including on concessions items and inside restrooms, using notorious spoilers from popular superhero blockbusters.
Art Direction & Video Animation: Landon Watnick
Copywriters: Landon Watnick, Ranjana Naik
Creative Direction: Shannon Sanon
Account Planning: Julio Rodriguez


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