Bourgeois King
Client: Burger King
Many luxury fashion brands, including Burberry and Louis Vuitton, burn their merchandise at the end of every season to maintain exclusivity. While these fashion houses are wasteful using fire, every Whopper is cooked responsibly with perfect amount of flame-grilling. So to teach these brands a lesson about when to use flames, Burger King will burn them by hosting its own New York Fashion Week show for its "hot" new clothing line: Bourgeois King.
Step 1: Burger King customers can exchange their luxury clothing for Whopper credit of equal resale value at select locations. Once the authenticity of these items is validated, equivalent Whopper credit will be dropped into the customer's Burger King app.
Step 2: Burger King will then use materials from the exchanged clothing to create the "Bourgeious King" clothing line. During New York Fashion Week, "Bourgeois King" will model the clothes, which will feature burn marks to mock luxury brands' wasteful practices.​​​​​​​
Step 3: The remaining luxury materials will be recreated into an exclusive "Bourgeious King" line that'll see a limited edition drop online. Proceeds from the online collection will be donated to FABSCRAP.
Art Director: Landon Watnick
Copywriters: Christian Harkna, Thiago Narvaez
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