Behind the Glory
Client: Budweiser & NBA​​​​​​​
The Insight: Budweiser is a staple of NBA locker room celebrations, where players bask in the glory of winning championships. However, this success would have never been achieved without pain and hardship during the journey to the top. 
The Idea: As a twist on celebratory athlete packaging, Budweiser decided to honor the difficult road to glory by bringing it to the forefront. This bud's for the NBA champions who overcame obstacles.
Budweiser will feature a number of notable NBA champions on its packaging who are currently in the league, including Udonis Haslem, Kevin Love, Fred Vanvleet and Kawhi Leonard. All of these players will be shown experiencing obstacles, with their individual stories told on each can.
Once a user has a limited edition can, they can open the NBA AR App and scan their can. Then, augmented reality will help tell the full story of that player's setback and how they bounced back to achieve success. The app will allow the user to record that digital moment and share it on social media.
Budweiser and the NBA will promote this campaign through other mediums, including print, outdoor and on their social media channels.